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Turnkey Design & Build

Our flagship service for maximum service and minimum headaches for our homeowners.  With Moontower as your single point of contact for all phases and almost all the professional services you need for a residential transformation.  All of our Turnkey Design-Build homeowners need the architectural solutions you can only get with new construction OR an addition to meet their minimum goals and they prefer a single comprehensive guide for their project.



Renovation Specialist

Some Homeowners simply need to use the space they have better; their home has enough square feet but it's organized terribly or needs a refresh.  Working on the existing housing stock of Austin is how we built our business.  Moontower is well versed in maximizing existing homes to refresh and revitalize them for your specific needs and aware of common pitfalls to avoid when doing this work because we've done it so many times before!  When you need a turnkey renovation with Moontower quality and guidance look no further.

General Contracting

If you have a pre-existing relationship with an architect, already have plans, or already acquired a permit we would love to build your home.  Moontower's project team for general contracting includes our estimator, a project manager, and a superintendent at a minimum.  If you also require some assistance selecting/specifying finishes and fixtures our design department can provide additional support.

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