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You want quality and the peace of mind it brings.  Our award- winning construction team has the talent and experience to bring your plans to life.

Our General Contracting Process


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​What will my design cost?  And how long will it take to build?... In this phase we can engage with you and your architect on an hourly basis to consultant as a general contractor for your project.  Ideally we are brought on to the team when you are selecting an architect, but we can also start analysis and budgeting after plans are complete.

Pre-construction investment: approx. 2K-4K


Formal bidding can begin once drawings are completed for construction and all selections are finalized.  Working from detailed drawings, selections and finish schedules created by your architect/interior designer allows us to show you in great detail what the all-in price is for your build.

Pre-construction investment: approx. 4K-20K+



With complete and detailed plans and a fixed price contract for construction* we’re all set up for a smooth build process.  The daily and weekly activity on the job is supervised by your site superintendent and the budget and schedule are monitored by your project manager from start to finish, ensuring a top quality home built according to the plan.

Construction Investment: 250K-3M

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