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Our Trades


You bring the skill, dedication, and problem-solving that turns dreams into reality. We value your expertise and aim to keep things smooth: clear communication, on-time payments, and a collaborative spirit. Let's build something awesome together!


Core Values

Moontower values form the foundation of the company. Adhering to our values will help us build a strong and healthy relationships with our clients, craftspeople, subcontractors and vendors we work with.

• Have fun and build with craft
• Be a generous team player
• Be clear, consistent, and accountable
• Work thoughtfully with compassion, dignity, and respect for diversity

The Moontower Standard

​Moontower leverages its design expertise and construction experience to offer insightful solutions for projects. Their focus extends beyond the immediate task, aiming to benefit both their team and the Austin community for the long term. Sustainability is a key principle, influencing design choices and resource management. Having begun with a focus on creating inviting outdoor spaces, Moontower has grown into a company tackling more complex urban projects while maintaining its core values.


What to Expect from Moontower

Moontower is synonymous with balanced design and construction quality.
We believe that you can’t cut corners with your build.
No lipstick on a pig.
Nor can you build something well if it wasn’t designed thoughtfully.


  • Thorough drawings and bid packages.

  • Bilingual support for paperwork and payment processing.

  • Bi-weekly payment schedule.

  • Clear work scopes and payment application checklists.

  • Clean and secure job sites with hand wash stations, porta-johns, and punctual trash hauls.

  • Snack stations at job sites.

  • MT community picnic. Bring your team and family to break bread with others.

  • Access to finished project photography for your marketing materials.

  • $1,000 Annual scholarship for Breakthrough Academy to develop the skills and processes necessary to increase profits and improve your work-life balance, without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business.

  • Reliable

  • Timeliness

  • Clean job site 

  • Professional Estimates

  • Clear Agreements

  • Accountability

  • Interest in latest technology

  • Passion for their craft

What we expect from our Trades and Vendors

Roller and Tray
Electrical Work
Sink Pipe

Insert Ricardo snippet 

Insert Modern Electric Steven snippet

Insert Mojica snippet or Madera Frameworks snippet + replace with framing image

Interested in working with us?

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