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Life's too short to settle for an uncomfortable home.

The average home construction project in Austin requires eight separate service providers to complete.  Managing potential conflicts and planning for financial speed bumps can lead to unnecessary schedule delays, rising cost, and lots of personal stress. 

We believe there's a better way. Moontower offers an integrated approach where we source or manage all required service providers so responsibility falls squarely on us, drastically simplifying the process, reducing stress and eliminating redundant fees. With Moontower, one call puts you on a path to peace of mind.

Your family can live a comfortable, inspired life in a home designed to meet their needs. 

When you work with Moontower, you can expect​ design solutions that plan for flexibility so you use every inch of your home, making the most of your investment.
We'll be your guide for superior design and construction services, eliminating the stress of managing your home construction project and ensuring a top quality product.


Our Process








Discovery begins with a custom feasibility study grounded in research where we research the development regulations specific to your property and evaluate the condition of your site and home. For a fixed fee, we complete our research, document the existing home and property, and present two custom schemes that address your needs. We provide a construction cost estimate for each scheme to help you better understand your options and assess project feasibility. 

Once feasibility is complete, we continue to the rest of Discovery where we fine tune the scheme to your liking and begin to discuss the look and feel of the spaces with our custom "style story". We also complete full as-built drawings of your home to serve as the foundation for our permitting and design development drawing sets. 

Feasibility Study Investment: 5,500 for remodel/addition, $7,500 for new construction, varies for commercial

Discovery Investment: $5,000-$15,500+ 

*varies depending on project size

Once we've got a clear direction, it's time to dive into design. In Design and Planning all selections are made and presented to the clients for review. A 3-D model will be generated for your project to help you visualize the space. Technical drawings are completed, a structural engineer is engaged, and all permit drawings are readied. Moontower applies for a permit on your behalf and manages all necessary updates for clearance. 


Our trusted network of subcontractors are introduced to the project and bids are provided for work to begin. 

Design & Planning Investment: 10% of construction price


With a detailed design and a fixed fee contract for construction, we're all set up for a smooth build process. Craft is monitored and subcontractor coordination is managed from start to finish, ensuring a top quality home. Your project team will be lead by your lead designer and your project manager, with daily site support from your superintendent. 

Design Investment: included in previous services

Build Investment: 250K-3M+

At Moontower we believe everyone deserves to live in a house that feels like home.

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