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 We all want a home we can be proud of. The problem is a home construction project is difficult to start and unruly to manage.

That's why we provide a simple three step, turnkey, process for new construction and additions:



What is possible for my home and property? And what will it cost? These are the big questions we answer in Discovery. In this phase we prepare you for an ideal outcome executable now or over time based on a well thought out, inspiring design scheme.

Design Investment: Fixed Fee starting at $8,500 

(varies with size of project)



Once we've got clear direction, it's time to dive into design. All selections are made and presented to the clients for review, technical drawings are completed, and permitting sets readied.  Our trusted network of subcontractors are introduced to the project and bids are provided for work to begin.

Design Investment: 10% of construction price



With a detailed design and a fixed fee contract for construction we’re all set up for a smooth build process.  Craft is monitored and subcontractor coordination is managed from start to finish ensuring a top quality home. 

Design Investment: included in step 2

Construction Investment: 250K+ with some exceptions

At Moontower we believe everyone deserves to live in a house that feels like home.