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A. Development Research

We start by putting together a research packet specific to your property, looking at all applicable codes and regulations that can affect the project and confirming it is possible before we start design. We take note of all zoning restrictions, easements, identify historic status, plan for development protection requirements, and flag expired permits. 


We'll review our findings with you and make adjustments as needed before starting design. 

Schematic floor plan/site plan and a loptop interior design presentation
An architectural drawings of the front elevation
an architectural drawing showing a section of a bungalow

B. As Builts

We begin by measuring and recording the building and property features necessary for design and permitting. All information collected will be used to generate a drawing set which will become the base for future design drawings and models.  We study, measure, and record your home and property features to identify any construction risks as early as possible, allowing us to discuss outstanding issues and plan for a resolution from the beginning.

An architectural floor plan with some dimensions and labels

C. Home Build Evaluation

For our remodel/addition projects, we send our construction team out to do a home evaluation.  This allows our build team to familiarize themselves with the project early on and highlight any additional construction scope that needs to be included while providing builder insight that many inform our design approach to the proposed scope.

an excerpt from a home build evaluation
A colorful site plan showing the landscape and floor plan

D. Schematic Design

Schematic Design (SD) is our first creative step and opportunity to explore the best comprehensive site and building layout that meets your needs. In this step, we consider building massing, scale, solar orientation, arrangement of spaces, relationship between interior and exterior spaces, circulation flow, systems strategy and layout, furniture placement, parking placement, and landscape design. We work through revisions as required based on your feedback, resulting in an exciting, well thought out, winning design scheme.

E. Style Story 

We pair the site and building plans with a custom style story that begins to establish the look and feel of your space. In this we explore your color palette, interior and exterior material suggestions, finishes, and special design features, resulting in a project with a comprehensive style. Our process helps tease out your priorities by providing a comprehensive design that addresses your full wish list for the house and property. By showing you all that you are asking for, we enable you to visualize the full project and prioritize the spaces and moments that are most important to you.

Style Stories by Moontower make interior design, landscape design, and architectural details come to life
Budgets are presented in spreadsheets
Moontower shares revisions to budgets over time

F. Budget Planning1


Budget Planning is an opportunity to check in before the project becomes too developed and make sure that the design is aligning with the budget goals for the project. If not, this is an opportunity early in design to make adjustments that will save the client time and money. This is also another chance to evaluate risk and mitigate construction issues early on and it allows the build team to participate and stay in the loop of the project's development.


 This is the second time we check in with our build team to get construction eyes on the project. Their direct feedback allows us to simplify designs where required to enable easier construction.

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