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A. Design Development


While Discovery focuses on broad goals and larger concepts, design development (DD) hones these ideas into realistic and tangible details. Think of DD as the point at which decisions are made and concepts are solidified.  Ideas are translated from a conceptual standard into tangible physical products and material choices. Designers begin to determine how everything fits together. As each product and material is researched and selected, thought is given to how it will impact the actual construction and implementation of the project.

Interior design details are selected and shared as a collection

B. Selections Coordination

Materials for the exterior and interior are evaluated for their beauty, durability and price. Moontower presents coordinated selections based on the style story to review and give feedback. Adjustments are made as required to align design and budget goals. 

C. Construction Documents 

The creation of a set of construction drawings that are highly detailed is very important, as these drawings are an essential component in executing a construction project. These construction documents (CDs) provides the build team a guide as to how to build the project at hand and set expectations between Moontower and the clients. It is also the set of documents used to create final project pricing and becomes the authority on what is included in the final construction scope.

It is also in this step that the structural engineer is onboarded. The design team works alongside a structural engineer to ensure the integration of a robust foundation and framing without artistic compromise.

Construction Document drawings are the most detailed phase of planning
Moontower's estimator, project manager, and designer work together to plan and bid projects

D. Contract Bidding

Our trusted network of subcontractors are introduced to the project and bids are provided for work.  These bids are reviewed and edited as required by Moontower to align with project scope. These bids are the building blocks of Moontower's fixed fee construction contract. 

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