Merrow Hart

Construction Manager


“Mo is extremely reliable, friendly, easy to talk to, a good communicator, all the things you want with someone building your home and on your property all day. Her resourcefulness and do-er attitude...she was there to get it done.”

"Merrow [was] always on top of things. I think the main thing you should look for in a building contractor is honesty and transparency. Moontower definitely fit that bill. A 9 month renovation project of a 50 year old home has many unforeseen challenges, and the Moontower team handled each obstacle like pros. We were presented with options and felt like we had all the information to make informed decisions."          -Moontower Clients

Joined Moontower:



Parsons School of Design, BBA

23 years in the industry

Pease Corps 2006-2008

Favorite Part of Their Job:

Working together as a team.