East Austin Abode

A small 1100 sf home was the right solution for our client driven to create her own home on a tiny lot in east Austin. Every room is washed in natural light and all of the finishes are simple and durable.  We envisioned a limited palette of commonly used materials for the house, leaving room to create color and texture accents through art and objects.  By employing basic plywood, blackened steel, clear sealed cedar and pine, and utilitarian lighting selections, we created a home that embodies a minimal yet warm aesthetic.  Since most of the spaces overlook an adjacent alley and super close neighbors, translucent surfaces and doors create privacy and limited windows direct views out and up to treetops.  The back patio and a private entry courtyard allow for overflow spaces when entertaining, while the balcony off the master bedroom provides a treehouse feel and a vantage point to see the nearby college bell tower and glimpse the Austin skyline.

"craft the home you love"

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