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38th st Cross Cabin

Project Type


ADU or Accessory Building

700 sf conditioned + entry and breezeway decks

Build Cost

*adjusted to fall 2023

This Acessory building is designed with the Cross Cabin palette of materials to minimize carbon footprint and maximize positive climate impact!  Two spaces under one roof.  The first is an extra bedroom, bathroom + desk accessible from the side yard.  The second, accessible from the back yard into a breezway (with laundry closet) that is appointed as a tiny home with a full bathroom, a sleeping loft and a small kitchenette. 

Built with features of a 2/2, but function as twin tiny homes.

38th st panel sequence_edited.jpg
38th st plans_edited.jpg
38th st plans_edited.jpg
38th st site plan sketch_edited.jpg
Casey Woods_AIA 2023_Cross Cabin_web_01.jpg
Casey Woods_AIA 2023_Cross Cabin_web_13.jpg
Casey Woods_AIA 2023_Cross Cabin_web_18.jpg
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